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The DXSC Store


The DXSC Store offers many different services and car modification parts. We offer car wrapping all the way to exclusive DXSC parts such as wheels. Be sure to check back here for new services as well as any new items!


For more information, please contact us from the contact page, or email us directly at




DXSC Shop in Stock



Techart Front lip for 958 Cayenne GTS/Turbo/TurboS

Brand new. $3000 include painting and tax

ps.not include installation

AWE Downpipe for Audi S4 and S5. Brand new. $800 after tax, need to charge installation.

Renntech Rear Spoiler for Benz C and E series. Adjustable, full carbon fiber. $4500 include tax and installation.

Cayenne Stock 21' Turbo S wheels. $3500 with tire. 



Zito wheels for BMW X5/X6/X5M/X6M, 2000km used. Sport SUV all season tire. in matte black, $4000 with tire.

22' finish in matte black 

Adv.1 Wheel for Benz G63, 24', brand new. $12000 include tire and tax.

Adv.1 Wheel


DXSC Ltd is officially being the dealer of Adv.1 wheels in Vancouver, which offers high quality 3-piece and 1-piece forged luxury wheels.

Please contact us for more information on availability, sizing, and pricing.

DXSC Ltd Wheels Collection



Other Brands of Wheels


The DXSC store also offers many different brands of wheels to its customers. Our stock ranges from PUR wheels. For specific models or brands in stock, please inquire us. Our prices are competitive and installation process is professional.


Please contact us for more information on availability, sizing, and pricing.




-HRE Performance wheels



DXSC Also offers different brands of body kits and installation. The range of brands and cars vary so inquiry of the car and specifics will be required. Once we acquire this information, we can showcase to you the different body kits available for your car.


Areo kits' ranges from DMC, MANSORY,LUMMA and PUR etc.


Exhaust we do Eisenmann, IPE, Frequency Intelligent Exhaust, Akrapovic,Kreissieg etc.


Please contact us for more information on availability and pricing,



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