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The people that have brought you DXSC.




Ding has been an active President, founder, and board member of DXSC. Since the club started, he has looked into various partnerships with the Lower Mainland's most impressive car tuners. 


By putting in the time and effort, Ding has transformed DXSC into what it is today.




Sincy is the overlooking manager of DXSC. Throughout her time at DXSC, she has been in charge of promoting events and her expertise has helped us reach out to various sponsors and partners. She also reprises the role of sales. Specific sales and inquiries fall under her duties.


We look forward into having more events to show vancouver the plephora of exotic and luxury cars that have become a part of DXSC.



Alex is the secondary founder of DXSC. He focuses on organizing the club members and sorting out various activities for the club. Alex has put in a tremendous amount of effort so that the club is able to expand.